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    Keep this in mind...

      • Everybody Wants to be a Bartender.
      • Memorization and Repetition.
      • Master the 150 first cocktails.
      • You must enjoy serving people.
      • It's not as easy as it looks.
      • Balance speed and efficiency
      • You must learn to multi-task.
      • Bartenders are trusted therapist.
      • Bartending is not party time for the bartender


Mixing cocktails is not the hardest part of bartending and in fact it is probably the easiest part for most people.

The Job "Bartender" relies heavily on memorization. In order to multi-task you need to commit many things to memory. Learning the top 150 cocktails would be the best first step. Knowing how to "make the cocktail" will free up your brain, so you can talk to your guest or take the next order or trying to remember 5 different drinks while making them and the customer talking to you the whole time.

The first thing I like to tell inspiring bartenders is to learn the " First 150 Cocktail Recipes". Plain and simple, Start here - 150 cocktail recipes.

As you start to get familiar with the first 150 cocktail recipes you can start to memorize the types of alcohols and mixers that are available and used in making alcoholic drinks.

Memorization and Repetition

Memorization and Repetition are the keys to learning these basic bartending skills. This solid foundation of knowledge will allow you to serve your customers and attend to them without using half of your brain's power trying to remember how to make the cocktail. This is an important thing if you desire to be a good bartender. Can you mix a cocktail and have a conversation at the same time???

Master the 150 first cocktails


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